When my wife and I began our search for a home in Indianapolis, we hardly knew where to begin. Countless nights were spent browsing the Internet for new homes, re-sales, townhomes, apartments, but we knew nothing about the area and we were only going to have one week off of work to find our new home. Having lived in Texas our entire lives, the prospect of moving across the country was daunting. We knew we needed help. In early March my wife emailed four realtors in Indy to whom we were referred by friends and coworkers. Luckily for us, one of them was Ella Tunnell.


Expecting to wait a few days for a response, my wife was surprised when Ella called her back that very afternoon and spent an hour on the phone. They discussed everything about our move, our family, and most importantly what we were looking for in a new home. Ella immediately went to work for us, identifying numerous homes that fit our description and emailing them to us. She helped us understand the layout of the metropolitan area and advised us as to where most other medical residents live. We made our selections and waited eagerly for our house-hunting adventure.


The trip to Indianapolis was great. Ella met us and took us around the popular places residents live, including Eagle Creek and Broad Ripple. As an Indianapolis native, Ella was able to answer every question we had and to show us the layout of the city, particularly with regard to the medical center where I would be working. Ella told us when we met that one of the homes would stand out from the others, and that she would do whatever it took to help us get the home of our dreams; that is exactly what happened. Near the end of the first day of the search we found a home that had everything we wanted and more. It was perfect. Not wanting to jump the gun, we did not make an offer immediately. We left Ella and told her we needed to think about it, wanting to search a bit on our own.


The following two days we spent with my parents, who are also realtors, looking at new homes, townhomes, and apartments. With every new home we visited we became more and more certain that the home we found with Ella on the first day was the one for us. The night of the last day of our search we called Ella and told her we wanted to make an offer. As it turned out, we were nearly too late. The home of our dreams was also the home of many other buyers’ dreams, and two other families were planning to make offers on the house. Over the next two days Ella set into action while we travelled back to Texas. She organized the purchase agreement and counter offers for us, emailing and calling us every step of the way and working late into the night and early in the mornings. Two days later we had a deal!


Right now my wife and I can hardly wait for the year to end so we can move up to Indianapolis into our new home. Ella is helping us with all of the details, from working with the mortgage lenders to getting the home inspection done. We know that over the next few months we’ll be able to count on Ella for help with all of the challenges that come with a long-distance move. Ella is a great realtor, one who genuinely cares about the people she helps to buy homes. She has earned our business and out trust, and I feel confident recommending her to anyone moving to or within the Indianapolis area.


Zachary Ballenger

On behalf of the Indianapolis Chamber let me thank you for the tremendous job that you

do showing prospective new residents around our region. Our community is one of the

most attractive places to live in the country, all data bear this out, but it takes a human

touch to personalize it and make it real for individuals and families. Your

professionalism, thoroughness and genuineness enriches our asset base all that much



I know from my family's own experience with you just how significant your contribution

is to our city. You helped us find our current home, a house we have occupied for 18

years. You also found my mother a home, just 1.6 miles away from us, when she

relocated here from Los Angeles. Thanks for what you do for the community, and for

what you have done for the Dorson family.


Roland M. Dorson


What a team you two make! Wow! You did not flinch a bit when we put pressure on you... you just went ahead and did all the work which had to be done to get the house ready to be marketed and sold!


And sold it was in a miniumum of time in an adverse market. It took just two months from our first meeting and listing to get the house sold and the transaction closed. In this time the house had to get a full (and more) face lift— and what a face lift it was!


We certainly appreciated all the suggestions you made on how to make the house attractive and marketable... we did need your expertise to improve the street apppeal as well as the interior appeal. All the work paid off!


But mostly we appreciated the remote dealings — the house and you two in Indianapolis (& Florida), the two of us in California and Washington States— and it all worked, jelled and finalized on a very satisfactory note. The ability of the two of you find, schedule and contract with the various craftspersons to do all the required work, at reasonable costs, was fabulous!


Please accept our thanks on a job well done!


Don Schmidek

I just wanted to send you a brief note to thank you for your assistance in selling my home

on Deer Creek Ave. As you know I originally signed a contract with another company

and realtor. After three months with just a few showings and no offers I decided to

investigate other companies and to interview other realtors. From our very first meeting I

felt immediately comfortable with your approach, your positive attitude and enthusiasm.

You even provided me with several helpful tips on how to make my house appear more

attractive and appealing - both inside and out - without any guarantee that I would select you as my new realtor.


Within a couple of weeks, thanks to your proactive approach and use of a variety of

websites, I started to have regular showings. It goes without saying that the more

showings there are, the better the odds for an offer. And, I did get an offer, a contract and

a sale. Just as important, however, was the fact that you kept your promise about keeping

in touch with me "every step of the way." You assured me that either you or Aim, your

assistant, would call me after each showing and/or once a week - and you did. You

mailed me regular communication concerning the virtual tour, the postings on different

websites and how often there were "hits"


The positive attitude you and Aim exhibited kept me from becoming depressed when we

hit a few rough spots and I truly felt I had a partner during the process. So, once again,

thanks for making a difficult time a little easier. I truly believe that whoever signs with

you, will have the best.


Diane Wiesenthal

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts on behalf

of my daughter and son-in-law. They love their new home.


I have worked in the real estate field for over 30 years and you are the best of the

best. When someone retains your services they not only get an exceptional Real Estate

Agent, they get a friend.


It seems that when problems develop in a real estate transaction most Agents look

for the easy way out, but not you. Your desire to ensure that your clients are satisfied

with their new residence won't let you rest until all problems are resolved in a reasonable manner.


Over the years I have referred many of my clients and friends to you and every

one of them sings your praises.


In a world where quality is not the rule, I find it refreshing to know that you are

committed to your clients. F.C. Tucker & Co. is truly fortunate to have you in their ranks.


Please feel free to share this letter with your clients and potential clients. I look

forward to working with you in the future.




Alvin J. Katzman, Esquire

Now that my family and I are settled into our new place, I wanted to take a moment to express my most sincere thanks for the outstanding efforts you made to facilitate our move. I have had many occasions in my life to sell one home and buy another. Never has the process been easier, faster, or smoother than it was this time, and never have I been happier with the final result. I would love to take some personal credit for this accomplishment, but in truth the greatest part of that credit goes to you.


As you know, some special health considerations caused my wife and me to decide to move after a number of years in the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood that our family loved so much. My most optimistic expectation was that it would take three or four months to sell our home, find a new place, consummate both transactions, and make the move. It is now 45 days from the date our old place went on the market, and I am writing this letter from my desk in our new home. Remarkable.


I attribute this to two factors. First, you obviously know the Indianapolis real estate market. Second, you took the time to get to know us and to understand our special needs. As a result, our previous home sold very quickly at what I believe was an excellent price. More important was the ease with which we found a new home that is virtually perfect for us. We wasted almost no time at all looking at unsuitable properties. Instead, we had the delightful experience of having the chance to pick the best from a group of solid alternatives.


We also appreciate the outstanding support you provided in dealing with things like negotiating the transactions, securing financing, obtaining inspections, arranging repairs, and a myriad of smaller details. Throughout the entire process of selling, buying, and moving I always felt that every step was organized and under control. Needless to say, this was a comforting feeling, and especially important to us in our special circumstances.


I have always believed that one of the highest compliments one person can pay another is to say that he or she is a true professional. You are.


Very best regards from Laura and Matthew, and please know that you are always welcome in our new home.

Dr. David Reed


Ann and I wanted to write to say thank you to both you, Annie and the rest of the folks at Tucker for your expert assistance in helping us relocate to Indianapolis. From our initial contact your enthusiasm and expertise in educating us on the northside, identifying homes fitting our requirements and working with our tight schedule to find a home and negotiate a contract were all greatly appreciated.


If that weren't enough, your team's support from long distance in assisting us with vendors to do work on our new home, assist with closing and provide additional assistance from our closing date until our move date were above and beyond my expectations. The teamwork and service displayed between you and Annie was a standard by which I will hope to provide my clients in my professional career.


We have a small gift of thanks for both you and Annie we will drop off upon our move. Once there I am certain this will not be the last transaction in which you represent us.


Thanks again to both you and Annie for your representation.

Jeff and Ann Daniel

I hope you will excuse me for taking so long to tell you just exactly how thoroughly

happy we have been with the entire experience of finding our new home in Indianapolis. It is all as a result of your very special talents, which helped us through every step, both here and in Harrisburg.


It all started July 2003 when my husband Marty decided to seriously consider a job offer with Indiana University School of Medicine. He met with you at that time. Our son Doug and I accompanied him here for a next round of interviews in August. That was when we first met. You took us on a terrific tour of the city. We developed a great impression of downtown and many of the distinctive neighborhoods of Indianapolis, from Lockerbie to Broad Ripple to Camel. You made the experience fun for. both me and Doug, who was 15 then. In a gentle, friendly way you were trying to understand our family's tastes and activities. All three of us had such a positive impression of Indianapolis that when Marty was offered his new job, we knew it would be a good move for all of us.


So Marty moved to Indianapolis in October 2003 to begin his job. Doug and I stayed in Harrisburg to finish out the school year. You helped Marty consider several apartments and highlighted the one he finally selected, adjacent to the Fashion Mall. You helped him make arrangements to rent furniture and settle in. This apartment worked very, very well for Marty and when Doug and I visited.


Doug and I next visited in November, 2003. Doug took the entrance exam for Park Tudor. The next day you suggested we meet at Champs for lunch because you knew Doug would love it there-sports and TV's! Then you showed us several very nice neighborhoods. We liked North Willow because the neighborhood seemed so cozy and because we saw lots of kids playing football outside. We toured some houses to get a feel for price and value. You showed us the Jewish temples in town as well.


Then I called you to ask for some help in Harrisburg. I was having trouble finding a real estate agent for selling our house. The first person I interviewed was too pushy and nervous. The second person I interviewed seemed too lackadaisical and not so dependable. As you remember I was working 10 hours a day and bringing home two hours of work each night. I didn't have a lot of time or energy to expend on searching for a suitable agent, especially while being the single parent. You offered to find me an agent by interviewing them over the phone. I was amazed. You found us exactly the right married couple! And I really needed their help and yours when the time grew near to move.


You kept in touch with us by email and phone. Marty and I looked at houses on the FC Tucker web site, with him in Indianapolis and me in Harrisburg. You even stopped by to visit us in Harrisburg while you were on vacation. (Unfortunately Doug had a big test the next day so we couldn't get together for dinner.)


Happy news came in February 2004 when we learned that Doug would be attending Park Tudor. Now we could focus more on specific neighborhoods. You and Marty went out several times to look at houses. One Sunday you went looking in Sherwood Forest in Nora. You found a great house. As you drove away you both looked at each other and said, "Should we go back? I'll bet Diane would really like this house!" You arranged to put down $5000 to hold the house for one week until Doug and I arrived the following Sunday to look at it.


I was feeling a little skeptical that you and Marty would find just the right house but the moment I walked in, I knew it was the place for us! It has just the right amount of space and coziness. The kitchen and family room is just perfect for us. Everything was in great shape. The price was just right. You didn't pressure us to spend more money than we wanted to. We bought the house that day.


Then we needed to get our house in Harrisburg ready to sell. I had the unfortunate experience of selecting a dishonest person to make repairs. Luckily, because you had helped me select such a good real estate agent in Harrisburg, they helped me discharge that person, and finish repairs. Then I encountered trouble obtaining a good moving company. You suggested A. Arnold. They did a good job of contacting us and making arrangements for the move.


Meanwhile there was a big storm in Indianapolis one weekend while Marty was in Harrisburg. A tree limb fell from a neighbor's tree into our yard, knocking out the power to the entire neighborhood. The neighbors used the phone number from the F. C. Tucker sign in the front yard to call you so you could call Marty.


You also put us in contact with an interior decorator. Your company also provides a service of suggesting repair people, Tucker HomeLink. Marty and I relied on this service many times.


All along we felt we were being guided by a good friend, someone who was sincerely looking out for our best interests. You met me for lunch soon after we moved in, to make sure I was making a good adjustment. It was so great to invite you over for dinner a few weeks ago to show you our house with all the happiness inside!


Ella, you are a remarkable person. You make your clients feel like we are the total focus of your attention and effort. You are a wonderful ambassador for Indianapolis. You made this move about as painless as possible, even considering all the problems our family encountered. You treated Doug with as much care and concern and interest as you did Marty and me. Our family moved from our home of 14 years to a new state and city, with Marty moving one year before Doug and me. We had no family or friends here. You helped us every step of the way with intelligence, grace, abundant good humor, wisdom and energy. I felt completely secure that I could call you with any concern even after we moved in, You were my first Indianapolis friend. You made this new chapter in the Friedman family's life a happy one. Thank you Ella, for everything you have done for us. Your life's work truly makes an important impact in the world.


I hope you will feel free to share this letter with any one who would like to know more

about your work.

Diane Friedman


Thank you so much for helping us make Indianapolis Our home!


When Matt and I first learned we were moving to Indianapolis for residency we were quite scared. We were leaving all of our family and friends to move to a strange city where we didn’t know anyone. I remember the day Matt received your information packet in the mail he immediately wanted to contact you and consider buying a house. I, on the other hand, was reluctant. I couldn’t imagine buying a house in a city we were so unfamiliar with. But once we met you and you showed us around downtown Indianapolis, Broad Ripple and the surrounding neighborhoods I felt so much more comfortable. The day you brought us to see our current house I immediately knew it was meant to be our home.


Now, five years later, we have developed many friendships and we have come to appreciate all that Indianapolis has to offer. We have decided to stay here to continue our careers and raise a family. Thank you so much for your support and guidance in helping us find our first home as well as in our search for our next home.


Tina Harrison

My husband and I have had the good fortune to work with one of your excellent real estate agents, Ella Tunnell. Ella was such an exceptional agent that we both thought a letter of recommendation was highly warranted. We are Americans who have lived in South American for the last 3 years. When we came for our househunting trip in May, we literally had four days to find our perfect house and close the deal. We worked with Ella over the internet prior to our arrival, letting her know features of houses we like and those we did not. When we met with her on our first day, she seemed to know exactly what we were looking for and, after a lovely “get acquainted lunch”, we hit the road running. I predicted that the search process was going to be very stressful due to our time constraints but Ella made it just such fun! We took short breaks throughout the day to renew our energy and Ella always had an endless supply of great healthy snacks on hand to keep our energy up.


There are so many positive superlatives to describe Ella that I could fill a whole page with them. But the one thing she did that impressed us most was something that makes her an agent beyond compare. We had an offer on a house and the agent for the house could not locate the sellers who were out of the country. The offer was for 100% of the asking price so there was no reason to think it would not be accepted, especially in light of the fact that the house had been on the market for some time. It was the last day of our house hunting trip and my husband and I were set to go to the airport later in the day. I felt very uncomfortable returning to South America without a signed and sealed deal. Ella spent the night before our departure tracking down other houses slightly above our targeted price range (at our request) and we ended up finding our dream house with just hours to spare. We made the offer, signed the deal and made our flight. She truly went way beyond what was expected and we greatly appreciate her efforts.

I think anyone who is lucky enough to have Ella as their real estate agent will find an excellent professional, their “dream house” and a extremely nice person.


Ken and Sallie Miura


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